1846 - 1935

Gold Rush and Boom

The Gold Rush brings a population boom — and international attention —  to California. A major earthquake and increased immigration shape the growing city of San Francisco.

1936 - 1965

Global Conflict and Collecting

Rapid societal change and worldwide unrest in the wake of World War II gives collectors like Avery Brundage the opportunity to amass unparalleled collections of Asian Art.

1966 - 1975

A Jewel in Golden Gate Park

After opening as the Avery Brundage Collection in the M.H. de Young Museum, the museum soon establishes its reputation for groundbreaking exhibitions.

1976 - 2002

The Museum Comes of Age

Following Avery Brundage’s death, the museum continues to grow its collection and solidify its status as one of the finest collections of Asian art in the world.

2003 - Today

The Heart of the City and Beyond

In its new Civic Center home, the museum continues to change, in order to reach broader audiences by increasing focus on the visitor experience.